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Your Open Banking API toolbox for Turkish market

Access a broad range of high-quality financial data from banks across Turkey through a single API. So you can provide smart financial services – or engaging new customer experiences.

Account Aggregation

Gini Account Aggregation Service aggregates data from all of your customer’s accounts and categorizes bank movements, outputting easily readable financial intelligence. Make better decisions through a deeper understanding of your customer’s finances. Open Banking APIs are the future, but you can enjoy their benefits starting right now.


Payment Initiation


Gini Payment Initiation Service leverages an intelligence layer to automate money transfers between accounts. This allows you to execute multi-signature transfers, match banks, and process batch payments easily, facilitating immediate payments and eliminating transfer fees.


Data Enrichment


Transform raw data into tangible insights using machine learning. With Gini’s data enrichment, you can categorize account transactions and identify merchants using advanced machine learning algorithms, which lets you create new user experiences by extracting the real value from financial data.