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Validate IDs, rate applicants & make a decision in seconds!

Gini delivers end-to-end open banking solutions in Finance industry in Turkey & Middle East. We partner with top global vendors which provides document validation, fraud detection and decision support solutions. Gini Data Science and delivery teams bundles their knowhow to effectively customize vendor solutions for Turkish market.


Gini partners with most advanced ID Validation solution, IDscan. With GBG IDscan’s mobile and web identity document validation technology (IDVT), you simply capture an image of your customer’s ID document and our solution will do the rest. Our IDVT will classify the document, perform a series of validation checks and extract data using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in seconds.


Capture customer details quicker, reduce drop-offs and streamline your application process by automatically extracting details from identity and Proof of Address documents in seconds.


GBG IDscan is a feature-rich IDVT solution with multiple platform and reporting facilities, and 24/7 technical and document expert support. That’s why it is trusted by over 1,000 customers in financial services, vehicle hire, entertainment, travel, gaming and HR.


IDscan is hosted in Turkey and provided as an on-premise solution and also a hosted service.


The newly introduced scores utilise open banking data to help streamline manual underwriting – meaning less delving into income transactions – and automate nuanced income verification decisions.

The three scores – Amount Consistency, Regularity and Longevity – represent the nature of an applicant’s income – how long-lived it is, how consistent the amount is and how regular it is, enabling lenders to get a much more holistic understanding of the applicant’s income. It allows you to build nuanced income stability rules: for example you could accept an income of 3.600 TL if it has high stability, but require an income of 4.800 TL if consistency, regularity or longevity was low.