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for Thin-File Credit Scoring

Gini Finance is revolutionizing the world of credit scoring by harnessing the power of technology and data. Specializing in thin-file credit assessments, we enable financial institutions to extend their services to those without extensive credit histories.


Panorama synergizes with e-Government portals to aggregate key financial indicators such as education status, pension contributions, vehicle ownership, and real estate assets. This solution provides banks with a holistic view of an individual’s financial standing.


Credolab dives into smartphone usage patterns to gauge creditworthiness. This cutting-edge approach analyses a wide array of data points to offer a unique perspective on financial behaviors and risk profiles.


Using cutting-edge algorithms, TalentScore evaluates resumes and LinkedIn profiles to score educational background, employment stability, and company pedigree. We transform this data into insightful creditworthiness assessments, including salary predictions.


When banks face uncertainties, AssessNow steps in. Applicants engage in a video call with a skilled agent who uses tailored multiple-choice questions to assess risk appetite and income sources, ensuring a personalized and fair evaluation.

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